Behind the Scenes at a VC Fund, Part 2: Helping Founders and Time Allocation

VCs have 3 principal jobs: picking startups to invest in, helping startups after investing, and raising capital for investing. Each of these jobs will be covered in its own post. This post, the second in the series, focuses on how VCs spend their time (charts and graphs included!), and how they help the companies they invest in.

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Behind the Scenes at a VC Fund, Part 1: Deals, Deals, Deals

My fund, Susa Ventures, just added Natalie Dillon to our team. She’s our first-ever investment team hire and we’re very excited to work with her. While speaking with dozens of wonderful candidates for the role, I was reminded of how opaque venture capital is as a profession. Many of the candidates asked what a typical day and a typical month are like for a VC. Is it schmoozing at parties for 40 hours a week? Taking back-to-back investment calls while lounging on some tropical beach? Making million-dollar decisions using coin flips? Reading technical research papers? (Answers: no, no, no, and hardly ever.) Now that I’ve been doing this job for a while, I thought it might be useful to document what working in venture capital is like for anyone who may be curious. This 3-part series is a summary of my experience being one of three partners at Susa Ventures, a seed stage fund. Single-partner funds and later stage funds might operate a little differently. YMMV.

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A Return to Blogging

I’m embarrassed by how much I’ve fallen behind on writing new blog posts. I’ve been unusually busy at work for the last few months, but I am finally at the point where I can start writing regularly again. This is a short housekeeping post about recent things I’ve produced outside of this blog + upcoming posts that I’m finishing up.

Table of Contents

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De-Risking Your Startup (SaaStr 2017 Talk)

This page contains info on a 15-minute talk I gave at the SaaStr conference called “De-Risking Your Startup.”

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Three Mathematical Models for Building a More Valuable Company

“All models are wrong, but some are useful.”

- George E. P. Box

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