The Challenges of Being a VC

Before I became a VC, I imagined that it would be a cushy job**. I assumed that VCs hang out with super smart founders, give the ones they like gobs of Other People’s Money, then sit back and wait for the profits to start rolling in. Pretty soon, they’re driving around town in Tesla Model S’s (Tesla Roadsters are so 2010), “sharing notes” with fellow investors over expensed meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, and spending summers in Fiji because they need quiet time to “think deeply about the future of technology.”

In reality, it’s nothing like that. Well, except for the Tesla thing – VCs seem to love Teslas.

Here are some of the biggest challenges of venture capital that I didn’t anticipate when I was still a software engineer:

** To be clear, I didn’t become a VC because I thought it would be cushy; I became a VC because it was a rare opportunity to meet great people, learn from them, and help them out in various ways.

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