I’m a software engineer turned VC. The highlight of my software career was being the 2nd non-founding engineer at LinkedIn and the highlight of my venture capital career has been building Susa Ventures since late 2012.


Founding partner at Susa Ventures. We’re a $125m seed stage venture capital fund. We’ve invested in almost 150 companies at seed, including Robinhood, Flexport, Andela, Mux, Stord, and Stedi. Seven of our seed investments have reached $1b+ valuations, and a similar number are pretty close.


I spent four years at Factual, a location data platform. While there, I built many components from the ground up including an in-memory distributed search engine; a logging and analytics service; and the bulk of the data cleaning, deduping, and normalization pipeline.


I joined Google a little after its IPO and spent most of my tenure there working on real-time payment fraud detection. I wrote a large portion of the software infrastructure for that project and also designed and implemented some algorithmically complex fraud signals.


I was the second non-founding engineer at LinkedIn. The story of how I lucked into that role can be found here. While at LinkedIn, I worked on the first versions of products like LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Jobs and also implemented some of the core graph algorithms. 

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General Partner at Susa Ventures and Humba Ventures. Early engineer at LinkedIn and Factual, not-that-early engineer at Google. Investing interests: b2b SaaS, deep tech, and sectors critical to our nation's future.